• Breast Implants and Lymphoma (ALCL) : September 2019

    There has been recent publicity about breast implants and lymphoma called ALCL. Women with implants have an increased risk of developing ALCL in fluid around the implant, and in the capsule layer that naturally forms outside the implant.

  • PIP Breast Implants : I Have never used them

    There have been recent reports of problems with PIP breast implants, which are made in France.
    These devices  have not been made with medical grade silicone, and there may be an increased rate of implant rupture. Interestingly, while a high rupture rate has been reported in France, the rates in other countries have been low.

  • Vectra XT 3D camera for breast implant assessment

    The VectraXT takes 3 dimensional images of the breasts and performs simulations to preview the results of breast enlargement using implants. This allows for more accurate planning of the surgery.

  • Surgical Tourism

    We live in a global economy, and surgical tourism is being marketed to New Zealanders, encouraging them to travel to Asia for cosmetic surgery. Should travel agents be acting as brokers to connect potential patients with surgeons the patient has never met?